Adding A Outdoor Potting Bench To A Yard

Pottery Outdoor Potting Bench

Working on an outdoor potting bench is a wonderful activity to calm the mind and soothe the soul while enjoying the scenery. A potting bench, also called a garden table, provides a comfortable workspace for gardeners to do such tasks as transplant plants from one pot to the next. It also includes space for such essentials as horticultural pots, potting soil and small tools.

Many outdoor potting bench is made of cedar wood, to stand up to moisture and extreme temperature changes encountered outdoors. The most expensive designs are made of exotic teak wood, with the cheapest made of plastic, which often do not last as long as the wood versions. To add a potting bench for your farm.

To pick the best spot in your garden to set up a portable outdoor potting bench, scout out a few possible locations such as next to a garage wall or a fence or anywhere near running water supply and the place where you store the rest of your garden tools and equipment. You will have a place that offers little shelter or shade while giving you the benefits of partial sun and fresh air.

Do-it-yourselfers can enjoy the challenge of buying a potting bench kit and build their own potting bench, or you can buy a unit that is ready to use constructed of plastic, wood or metal.