Alternative Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Smart kitchen storage ideas – Cabinets are common in kitchens, but they are not always the best use of space, and they are not particularly unique. There are other kitchen storage solutions available, those who are equally, if not more useful than traditional cabinets. From pullouts open shelves for smart ways to hang kitchen utensils and other kitchen items, there are so many ways to save in a kitchen, as there are items to save. One of the easiest ways to convert a regular countertop with traditional cabinets is simply taking out doors and hinges. Paint the inside of the shelves in a contrasting color to the exterior of the cabinets to add visual interest. Lighter colors can be useful in a small kitchen, as they generally make the room appear larger and less closed in.

Install racks and hooks on the walls to create some efficient smart kitchen storage ideas. Hooks made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel can foster a more modern and contemporary look in your kitchen, while colorful wooden or plastic hooks and racks may promote a more eclectic look. If you do not choose to remove your cabinets completely, you can install hooks and racks on the interior of your cabinet doors, increasing their usefulness. Pegboard on the inside of your cabinets can allow you to change your settings whenever you want.

Magnetic smart kitchen storage ideas, Install sheets of metal or magnetized metal to your wall to create magnetic storage in your kitchen. Transfer your spices and dry goods to the metal containers to store them on the wall. If you choose the smooth metal plates, then you will need to attach magnets to each of the metal containers before they can be used.