Backyard Patios Ideas Plan

Backyard Patios Design

Backyard patios – Toca fill freshness and life of your yard and patio. Decorate this green corner with fresh air. To feel this wonderful sense of smell of mown grass and new flowers. Let’s see curious and original ideas for this space of our house, different forms of presentation to normal. And also how you can reuse and recycle many elements of our daily lives until they become garden accessories.

They are changing use and get a new life objects. Backyard patios furniture that changes the original functions very differently.  The fate of this ancient tool box, made of zinc was away. But it is reconverted and begins a new life as a planter for succulents.

In addition breathes the vintage roll that we love so much. And it is so useful that, in an instant, you can move your plants from one place to another with the simple gesture of taking it by the handle. A Simple, practical and decorative ideas for small backyard patios. And it is to place a wooden staircase as support for potted plants and watering can. It’s a good way to save space. And you can do it yourself or with a few tables and a coat of paint.