Brown Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas And Design

Stylish Brown Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Brown painted kitchen cabinets – Sometimes just changing a prominent feature in your kitchen you can create a dramatic change in the overall decor of your kitchen without spending a fortune. Transform old or simple-looking cabinets with a coat of acrylic paint brown or fresh oil.

Brown painted kitchen cabinets, Remove the hinges and handles or knobs cabinet doors with a screwdriver or a drill. If you want to keep the original hardware, keep all parts and fasteners in a small bowl or bucket for not lost. If you have a closet with many doors, label them with a small piece of masking tape so it is easy to put in place when it is reinstalled. Fill nicks or deep scratches with putty without shrinkage and a spatula.

First help seal the depressions or cracks that occur naturally in wood. Primer can also help prevent mold or mildew. Let the primer dry. Sand away any defect surface with sandpaper. Clean residue with a clean, soft, tack cloth. Paint the box with a brown paint high quality, using a synthetic bristle brush. If you are using oil – based paint, use a natural bristle brush. Connect the cabinet hardware brown painted kitchen cabinets and attach the cabinet doors. Popular shades include deep chocolate brown, sandy brown, honey brown, mocha brown, and fire. Possible color schemes that will look great with their new brown cabinets are blue sky, teal, white, rusty orange, golden yellow, and orange-red.