Build Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Top Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Stamped concrete patio ideas – Begin this project when you have a freshly poured concrete patio. Set the individual pistons flat on the ground to determine the desired pattern and sequence of the application. Sprinkle the surface of the wet concrete patio with mold-release agent.

The mold-release agent will prevent the concrete stamps from sticking to the concrete patio. See mold release product label for detailed instructions on the amount of release agent to use. Place the first tangible mark on the corner of the wet courtyard.

Press evenly on the stamp to print the stamped concrete patio ideas design into the face of the concrete. Butt next concrete piston against the first piston to form a continuous pattern. Press this specific stamp into the concrete as you did the first stamp.

Continue on and pressing each specific stamp design series, until you reach the end. Peel the first concrete stamp slowly from the surface of the concrete patio. Add the first stamp at the end of last stamp and continue to move every subsequent stamp in the series until you have completed stigmatize the entire courtyard. Cover the concrete patio with plastic to keep the concrete damp, so it can heal properly.

Spray concrete damp with a water hose about two times a day. Keep the concrete deck for one to five days, depending on the type of concrete, the weather or the size of the terrace. Spray all remaining release agent from the surface of the cured concrete patio with a pressure washer. Allow the concrete to dry overnight. Spread an even layer of concrete sealer on the terrace with a long-handled brush. Let the sealer dry for up to 48 hours before using the stamped concrete patio ideas.