Building Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

Best Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

Outdoor shuffleboard table is a classic game for all ages that is relaxing and easy to play. You can use some basic wood materials and tools to put together your own table board to play with, which can be used outdoors and placed on top of a table. This reduces the cost of purchasing a finished board, which can sometimes be expensive


Buy a piece of plywood board from a building-supply store. You can make it any size you want. Sand the entire piece of plywood with sandpaper and remove any rough patches the edges to prevent splinters. Draw lines in an outdoor shuffleboard table on the board with a yardstick and pencil. Draw an upside down triangle at one end of the board. Draw two horizontal lines across the triangle so that you have three levels of mold and then draw a vertical line through the second and third step.

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Draw over the pencil marks with a marker pen. Paint a layer of polyurethane over the board to give it a smooth finish. Let dry before you play. Add the final outdoor shuffleboard table when you want to play. The set will usually come with two paddles and six weighted pucks, you mix around the table using the paddle to play.