Care For Broyhill Patio Furniture

Broyhill Patio Furniture Covers

Broyhill patio furniture it has been an established brand in quality and well-finished furniture for more than a century. Trace its origins to 1905, according to the company website; pride itself on its professionalism, elegance and superior design. The product portfolio extends from the living room, bedroom and dining room furniture to custom designs.

Care for this type of furniture starts with one of the most obvious day to day issues: dust. A well-finished piece of Broyhill patio furniture, especially if the wood has intricate designs with nooks and crevices, are susceptible to dust. This can be cleaned with a dammborttagnings, but Broyhill recommends avoiding those with a wax base because the wax can leave a bad, powdery substance behind.

Using a simple cotton cloth, either on your own or with a dammborttagnings, is also helpful to remove dust.Broyhill patio furniture should also be nourished with lemon oil. Apply lemon oil all over the furniture and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Do this about three to four times per year. Vinegar is also a great cleaner for wood. Mix vinegar and water in a 1:10 ratio, spray on furniture and wipe away for a few minutes. Finally, one of the easiest ways to take care of all types of wooden furniture to clean it regularly with soap and water, then wipe with a damp cloth.