Change Paint White Wicker Patio Furniture

White Wicker Patio Furniture Sets

White wicker patio furniture – If natural or white not fit into the color scheme of your interior, the only option is to paint it. Lay newspapers to set furniture on avoiding unwanted color spots on the ground. Wipe furniture with a clean cloth and use a soft brush to remove loose dirt or debris in the hard to reach areas. Any lingering debris will affect the result.

The easiest way to paint the white wicker patio furniture is with spray paint. Paint rattan with a brush in view of all the holes could take an incredibly long time. It is cheaper and easier to use the spray paint in a jar. Spray the surface and let it dry completely before you turn it to spray areas not covered before. If braided were not painted a dark color already, you do not need to use a primer, but if it was, there are spray paint primer and a layer should suffice.

Especially if you repaint your white wicker patio furniture outside, the wind can come into play and cause spray paint sometimes strays off course. Wear old clothes that you do not care if it is has stained and Use gloves color can be problematic skin. Wear a mask to prevent inhaling it because the smoke is not healthy and goggles to protect your eyes.