Change The Color Of Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Simple Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Colored kitchen cabinets – Remodeling a kitchen is a difficult task. It not only takes hard work, diligence and long hours spent in building and painting, but the whole process requires going without a fully functional kitchen for some time. For those interested in painting colored cabinets a different color, the task can seem especially daunting

Change the color of colored kitchen cabinets, prepare and clean the cabinets. Before you can start to paint, prepare your kitchen. Remove all drawers and shelves from cabinets, unscrew the hinges and remove the doors. Screw all handles so well, so you do not have to paint about anything but walls and counters. Next, all clean with a powdered sodium phosphate solution is mixed with hot water. Dip a mild abrasive brush cleaner and scrub down all cabinets, doors and drawers to remove dust, grease and other particles.

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Change the color of colored kitchen cabinets, Prime cabinets. Apply a coat of primer to the cabinets to ensure that the old stain shines through. Paint the cabinets. You can paint in much the same way as you primed, painting doors, fronts and frames of the cabinets with a brush. Use a paint roller for inside cabinets and drawers. Apply evenly and not rush through the process of painting. Reconstruction of the kitchen. After the paint has thoroughly dried, remove the tape; connect handles, hinges and drawers. Place the shelves back in cabinets and close everything up, the kitchen is finished.