Cheap Materials To Build A Raised Herb Garden Bed

Stylish Raised Herb Garden

Raised herb garden – Perfectly manicured raised beds constructed from prefabricated kits can look like a million dollars, but they do not increase the value of your vegetables. Save yourself some money, or better yet, put the money in seedlings and garden products that actually will improve your garden. There are plenty of cheap or free materials you can use to make a raised herb garden. Not only logs provide the support your raised bed needs they lend a rustic appearance as well. Fallen logs or freshly cut wood can be used to create an attractive bed.  Fill with soil, and you are going to raise fresh vegetables without the expense of a raised bed kits.

Rock and stone makes natural borders for raised herb garden. If you live in the country, or have a big farm, it is not difficult to find suitable stones. Select stones that are similar in size and line the perimeter of the bed. To give the appearance of your garden has jumped from nature; take the time to seat bottom of the rocks in the ground, instead of simply placing them on the ground. Filling in around the base of the stone with the ground only to secure them in place and then fill in the rest of the bed.

The Best Post  Raised Garden Bed Kit Plan

Hit junk pile of old pieces of wood or wood left over from other construction projects. There is no standard size for a raised herb garden, but to keep the width to 4 meters or less for easy access to the plants. University of Florida Extension explains that a bed with a width of 4 meters gives most gardeners to reach the center from both sides with ease.

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