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Amazing Garden Pond Ideas

Garden pond ideas – Garden ponds are just as attractive as the plants that grow lush and healthy in and around them. Water garden plants belonging to different categories, each with a specific purpose in the ecology of a pond’s micro environment. Here are some tips on how to choose the best plants for your garden pond.

Choose garden pond ideas plants, Look at the garden pond photos for inspiration. The first step in choosing garden pond ideas plants is to see how other water gardeners have designed their ponds. Consider marginal plants. These are usually tall plants, there is little water and immersed in the best position on the marginal shelf of the pond.  Consider oxygenation plants. These are fully submerged plants that release oxygen during the day and absorb nitrous oxide waste and thus help to maintain good water conditions for fish.

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Consider floating plants. These plants are not anchored, but rather remain floating on the surface with their roots hanging in the water (use as breeding sites of some fish). Floating plants grow lush, providing shade for the fish and keep the water from overheating during the midday sun. Consider bulbs as water lilies and lotus flowers. Water Lilies and Lotuses starts as bulbs planted in pots and immersed in different depths of the garden pond ideas. Like the floating plants, the lilies’ floating leaves provide shade and shelter for pond fish.