Clean Resin Patio Table

Pretty Resin Patio Table

Resin patio table – Outdoor resin furniture is an ideal alternative to metal or wooden chairs or tables as rust, splinters constantly need paint or other maintenance or are simply heavily. Durable and resistant to most variations in weather, resin patio table is a viable option for most decks and patios. With design elements and styles, there are resin patio table to suit every taste. Keeping new tables clean and look good for years to come is simple but older pieces takes a little more effort to restore to cleaner, neater look furniture.

One, Brush away dust and debris from the resin patio table with a stiff brush. Two, Spray with water from a garden hose. Use some pressure to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. Three, put on rubber gloves to protect your skin. Paint straight bleach on table and chairs with an old natural bristle brush. Do this in a well-ventilated place outdoors.

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Fourth, let bleach to put on resin patio table for about five minutes for light spots or longer for black spots and other deeply ingrained stains. A second bleach coating may be necessary. Last, add detergent to a bucket of warm water. Use a nylon scrubber to scrub down resin patio table. Finish cleaning process with a final rinse and let dry before using.