Country Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

White Kitchen Pantry Storage

Kitchen pantry storage – Nothing says “country kitchen” just like a pantry. There is something about a kitchen pantry that brings to mind the smell of bread baking in the oven or the sound of chicken frying on the stove. Many modern pantries do not have to feel. However, with a few simple changes, you can do yourself; you will have country kitchen pantry storage. Remove doors from your pantry and add curtains. Select “Country” patterns such as gingham checks, floral print or denim. Hang your curtains by means of a tension rod. Adding lace ribbons or strips of a coordinating fabric used as tie-backs.

Replace doors with shutters to create country kitchen pantry storage. Male shutters to complement the other colors in your country kitchen. Sand painting easily in a few areas to give your pantry shutters an aged, worn look. Using a fence instead of traditional doors to your country kitchen pantry storage. Add hinges to the edges of the fence and attach to the frame in the pantry. You can use a piece of fence, so pantry opens as a single door or you can use two pieces to create two doors. Paint or stain wood.

Stencil motifs on doors and sides of your country kitchen pantry storage. Stencils formed as domestic animals such as chickens, roosters, or sheep or curve of flowers or a single flower works well in a country kitchen. Paint the design you chose for natural looking colors.