Creative Small Garden Sheds

Build Small Garden Sheds

Small garden sheds – For many, a garden shed is an ordinary, nondescript place that serves as a catch-all for those items that do not fit in garage or basement. But there is no reason for that is all it has to be. With a little creativity and a few personal touches, a garden shed not only begin to take on a character of its own, but also earn some extra purpose.

Because garden sheds are relatively small, they are large buildings to experiment on exterior decor. While a full-sized log cabin maybe not in budget, it is much easier to convert a small garden sheds. Side it with logs and add a slate roof, window boxes, and emergence of a stone foundation for a miniature log cabin in backyard. Other ideas for converting external appearance of a garden shed include creation of a classic country barn some red and white paint and wood trim.

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Instead of a solid, shingled roof, installing a roof made ​​with same panels that form walls and roof of a greenhouse. This will open up interior of small garden sheds and make it brighter and more airy using natural light instead of artificial. It will also shed an excellent place to start growing seedlings in late winter and early spring for flower and vegetable gardens. Build a workbench along one wall to use for apartments to start seeds.

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