Decorating Ideas For Tall Outdoor Planters

Elite Tall Outdoor Planters

Tall outdoor planters – Use high outdoor planters to create havens within your garden. Use fire planters to create a “square” around a patio or area you want to create a seating area. Use wood, metal, terra-cotta, ceramic or wicker planters depending on the look you want to create. For example, use wicker or wood planters for a “natural” back yard with lots of flowers and wooden lawn furniture. Plant tall shrubs in planters to create more privacy or use scented flowers types to provide air around the seating area a pleasant scent.

Use tall outdoor planters to cover all types of door or entrance way. Plant them with small shrubs, tall flowers or grass varieties framing the front door. Try using metal planters, especially if veranda furniture is metal. Use various garden arbors with high outdoor planters on either side or try woven wicker planters to complement the natural feeling of woven departmental gazebo. Plant herbs such as lavender in planters for the entrances to the herb gardens or try hanging flower varieties to match the hanging vines featured on gazebo.

Figures outdoor planters can also walk around a small natural or manmade pond. Since water plants must be left in the water, use flowers and plants that are water theme. Such as blue flower varieties, to complement water feeling. Try blue Forget-Me-Knots, blue Cupid’s Dart, blue hydrangea and blue rose of Sharon. Grasses tall outdoor planters to partly hide the pond if desired. And give the feeling of a secret area or hideout. Use blue ceramic planters or terracotta planters to maintain a natural feel.