Design Outdoor Pavers

Outdoor Brick Pavers

Outdoor pavers – One of the first things people see when they look at your home’s sidewalk and walkway to the front door. If you have a full of cracks and uneven pavement blocks, not only is it unattractive, but it can be dangerous. Designing a sidewalk with outdoor pavers will add to your home’s value and also ensure the safety of your visitors. The design process can be easy when you know what you want and know how to choose the right material.


Select the location of your pavement. If you are replacing an existing sidewalk, it’s easy.  Check the height of a level. If the selected location of the sidewalk is not flat, you might want to consider another area, if possible. Measure the area. Measure both the length and width of the place where you intend to place the sidewalk. The length depends on your location.

Choose a shape for your design. Again, this will be somewhat dictated by your space. Mark your way. With spray paint or chalk, draw the shape on your way. Double-check your measurements before you mark the area. Select stone path. Consider that several different types of paving stones, brick, concrete, travertine, slate and flagstones.

Select the rocks that works best with your home, take into account the color and design. Choose an installation method. The two primary methods to install outdoor pavers stones is a dry and a wet method. The dry method involves lying the stones in the area prepared and leave them.