DIY Cool Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

Kids Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

Wooden outdoor playhouse – There are two things to focus on when building a cool playhouse. The first is to give it a “cool” factor. The other is to make it totally fun and off-the-wall.

Give boys and girls a good reason to go out and play. Build an wooden outdoor playhouse as a fort is about adventures and fun. If the boy is in the pirates, paint the playhouse to look like a pirate ship. Make the entrance to the playhouse fall down, so that it mimics the pirate ship measures need to “walk the plank.” Use fishnets to cover the windows. Create a service for the boy to climb up on the roof to watch out for the land, just as if he was out to sea.

Go wild and crazy with an wooden outdoor playhouse. Instead of a typical A-frame or pitched roof – do roof warped or provide the two levels. Angular windows instead of simply centering them. Instead of making the house untouched or cutesy – give it a cool, urban style with gray or beige earth tones and color windows and baseboards purple or chartreuse. Create a simple wooden easel out of the plywood so that the child can paint pictures and express their “inner Picasso” and artistic talents.