DIY Outdoor Metal Wall Decor

Outdoor Metal Wall Decor Sculpture

Outdoor Metal Wall Decor – Outdoor decorations add originality, colors, and design to your surroundings. Create your own outdoor patio signs, garden art and leaf metal art decorations. Leaf art cuts easily, so you can create anything from small copper flowers to a large butterfly to decorate your outdoor space. Another way to make your own decorations outdoors is to re-designate an old appliance in ambient lighting for your patio or garden.

Draw a shape on the handmade sheet made of brass, aluminum or copper. Cut the design with sharp scissors or shears. Puncture the outline of the outdoor metal wall decor aperture with a punch to make pairs of holes every 3 to 4 inches along the top, bottom, both sides or around the perimeter. The pairs should be side by side, spaced 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart. The holes allow outstanding pearls and crystals from various sectors of outdoor decor.

Cut 2 inch long strands of 22-gauge wire for each set of drilled holes. Fold the U-shaped wire. Insert the ends through a hole in each pair. Twist the ends of each wire together into the back of the outdoor metal wall decor cut. These are the hooks that you can hang your decorations. Cut a strand of fishing lines twice as long as the desired length of the hanging decorations, plus 2 inches.

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