DIY Patio Paver Designs

Backyard Patio Paver Designs

Patio paver designs – About a loose-brick paved terrace is one of the easier weekend projects you can undertake, and one of the most dramatic in terms of how it affects your backyard. While a loose-brick patio will not last as long as one that is mortared together or poured with concrete, it is far cheaper and arguably looks as good.

Stake out your patio paver designs area with wooden stakes and string. Use a flat spade to dig up all the soot from the edge, then work from there, remove all the grass and other obstacles. Smooth the soil with the spade and get it as level as you can. Spread a roll of plastic weed blocker of the area and up the sides, overlapping rows of weed blocker on the edges so that no soil is exposed.

Up area with about 2 inches of sand. Make it very level by tying extra string between the stakes, so it crosses over the work in several directions. Use a small string level to level string. Then measure down from the string to the surface, moving the sand as needed until it is the same distance from the string how you measure it. Wet sand thoroughly with a garden hose to lightly spray, put enough water on it, so it pools. Apply water gently so you do not disturb the level of the sand. Let the water soak down and repeat several times until the sand settles tightly for patio paver designs.