DIY Small Vegetable Garden Plans

Awesome Small Vegetable Garden Plans

Small vegetable garden plans – Vegetables that produce a high return for their space, like cherry tomatoes and green beans, are also good choices for small vegetable garden. Use composted manure in your vegetable garden. Compost reaching temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit reduces to add bacteria to your kitchen garden. Avoid using cat, dog or pig manure in either compost or gardens, which pathogens are more likely to infect your garden from these fertilizers.

Use a soil thermometer to test your garden’s soil temperature before planting seeds. When the soil temperature reaches 45 degrees Fahrenheit for three days in a row, you can start planting cool weather vegetables like broccoli, peas, lettuce and carrots. Plant tomatoes and games or cage them to keep quality and yield high. Tomatoes are a perfect complement to a small vegetable garden plans space.

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Plant beans gradually throughout the growing season to ensure a consistent supply and efficient use of space. Rinse with water safe enough to drink, especially in a month when you plan to harvest vegetables. Mulch around all plants to help the soil retain moisture and to control weeds. Use straw, wood chips or newspaper stock. Keep removing weeds that occur throughout the summer so they do not take over. Remove weeds from the small vegetable garden plans so as not re-root.