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Cute Gnome Garden Ideas

Gnome garden ideas – You can make your own garden gnomes in concrete or resin for much less than that. First, you need to make the mold, starting with carve a gnome in clay and place it in the oven according to the instructions of the clay packaging. Place the gnome in the center of the plate covered plastic and hold it firmly with a drop of instant glue. Cut a piece of PVC pipe at least 5 cm higher than the gnome did.

Spray the inside of the pipe and gnome garden ideas model with vegetable oil cooking spray or a specific commercial product to release the mold. Place the barrel on the model so that there is about 6 mm distance between the gnome and the wall of the pipe. Make a roll of moldable clay and press it firmly around the bottom of the barrel to seal the joint between the pipe and the plate surface.

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Pour the mixture into the pipe until it is slightly below the top of the mold of gnome garden ideas, carefully. Remove the bottom of the clay pipe. Remove the barrel sliding the mold and carefully peel the mold of the plastic base. Carefully cut the mold in half with the knife, following the contour of the inside of the figure. Remove the original model of the play center.