DIY White Glass Tile Backsplash

White Glass Tile Backsplash With Dark Cabinets

White glass tile backsplash – Glass tiles have been use for decorative home designs for hundreds of years. Glass tiles are versatile, colorful and add light to your kitchen design.  Consider the size of the space you are tiling and size of the tiles. Tape a piece of white paper up to your kitchen backsplash. Ask a tile showroom for a loan of sample tiles, or purchase one or two sample tiles. The white paper will allow the glass to show up in the same color it appears when it has been install, so you can determine the best color or colors to suit your kitchen design.

Place a piece of white paper down on a flat surface. Arrange the loose tube tiles on the paper in many different directions and patterns, the combining white glass tile backsplash. Stack subway tiles on top of each other, or put them in an offset pattern. Turn square tiles on the diagonal to see the effect. Draw your kitchen backsplash to scale on paper and sketch in the final design to see how busy it will look like, and to confirm the design. Look at the design to see how many cut tiles that will be, and consider how difficult it can be to cut the white glass tile backsplash you have in mind.