Enjoy Outdoor Daybeds To Rest

Hanging Outdoor Daybeds

Take an ordinary outdoor daybeds and give it a spectacular makeover with a canopy. If you want to make a canopy for an outdoor day bed to rest patio, or at start of a sofa bed in your home, a pavilion will dress couch with a modern appeal. Choose matching fabrics with existing decor or to create contrast for best results. Design a frame for canopy on same type of wood used for divan frame.

However, if you do it too high you will need to make custom curtains for outdoor daybeds canopy. Four posts attached with several transverse brackets at each end is a general design can be customized according to your preferences. Attach posts to existing frame. You may want to install beams on top of hanging lamps, patio lamps or a chandelier.

If your couch is not a candidate for modification, construct a pavilion with a number of curtain rods. A rod attached to ceiling allows you to thread a piece of cloth through a projection even on each side. Arrange fabric to rest on either end of outdoor daybeds for an occasional approach. Another idea is to build on wall behind day bed. Use reclaimed wood, and place a length that matches length of day bed, so that it protrudes from wall. Place one on each side of day bed. Mount decorative hooks along bottom edge to hold curtains. Complete look by draping sofa bed with a piece of cloth that will rest on recovered wood.