Fun Ideas Vegetable Garden Box

Vegetable Garden Box Ideas

Vegetable Garden Box – Planting in raised beds is not news, but right now wins boxed raised beds up everywhere. In villa garden, where kitchen garden should be easy to grasp, in backyards in city where otherwise there is not much space to green, and great country gardens, where it is fun to grow in several levels.

And trend is to understand. It is super easy and simple to grow vegetable garden box. All you need is a good framework that can be filled soil – and then you have already its own little mini garden that can be sown seeds or put plants in. And beds can be placed anywhere, even with asphalt as a base.

Advantage of vegetable garden box in particular is that beds are coming up at a height that provides a nicer working position where you do not have to stoop so low, and in addition you will prevent slugs and other pests destroy your harvest, because bed is raised above ground level. It is also possible to create a flexible garden where you not only have plants and flowers at ground level, but to give momentum to pray in different heights and sizes. For example, you build your own raised beds out of old pallet collars, often available for free or cheap from construction companies or others who handle goods on pallets.