Garden Bed Edging: Keep It Casual!

Flower Garden Bed Edging

Garden bed edging – it’s provides home gardening enthusiasts opportunity to create a focus along a garden bed, building or other gardening area. Whether you are looking for a particular circumference or plus interest of diversity in color and shape, a wide range of ideas are at your disposal. Determination of function and aesthetic goals for your garden space will help you make right edging choice.

Keeping your garden bed edging formula is not as challenging as you might think, that requires same amount of planning as any other garden bedside. Simply look for plants that are easily formed into straight, clean lines. For less maintenance, choose plants that are naturally symmetrical. In addition, repetition creates a more formal appearance.

Your home or gardening space might call for a more informal edge look. Do not think this means less planning; it just means you want to achieve an effortless aesthetic. Unlike a formal garden bed edging, avoid harsh lines, symmetry and repetition. You can still keep a clean look, but aim for organic forms and a freer plant habit. For example, use lavender cotton plants (Santolina species). Lavender cotton is versatile in colors that offer gray to dark-green evergreen foliage. This free-form shrub easily formed into a tidier appearance, should you decide to bring your garden in a different direction. Growing to a height of up to 2 meters, lavender cotton small yellow flowers and aromatic leaves