Garden Shed Designs Ideas

Antique Garden Shed Designs Ideas

Garden Shed Designs Ideas – Garden shed have been a part of the garden, because the ancient Egyptians and the “Garden of Eden contains descriptions that are consistent with some of the very old Egyptian gardens as well,” said The Golden Scales website. Ancient people who could afford it, built pergolas and gazebos to enjoy their gardens. Garden structures are primarily to provide shade from the sun and support for climbing plants. Some types of garden structures include trellises, pergolas and gazebos.

Garden shed designs gazebos are garden structures with covered roof to provide shade. Usually gazebos are rounded – or octagon – shaped structures has stairs leading up to a viewing platform. Gazebo shelters are most effective when it is completely separate from the house. Jay says that “construct such a shelter in a private part of the garden to create a feeling that you are getting away from your everyday world.” The design of these types of structures can be completely independent of the landscape design around your house to create this effect.

Garden shed designs pergola is described as “a structure which usually consists of parallel colonnades supporting an open ceiling beam and cross rafters.” Modern pergolas used today are made primarily of wood instead of stone or brick as they were historically. There are also kits that can be purchased at home improvement retailers to create the garden pergola is easier. Not only pergola offering shade, but they also support the growing plants. Climbing plants need a trellis or other structure for support. The Merriam – Webster dictionary defines a trellis lattice is used to make a screen for shade and a support structure for climbing plants. Most gardeners use them for climbing plants, such as grapes, roses and jasmine.

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