How To Build A Wooden Outdoor Stair Railing

Simple Outdoor Stair Railing

And decorative outdoor stair railing of the terraces and landings are intended to prevent falls, external stairs have a function similar to making access more secure . The handrail can be a simple extension of the railing of the terrace or can be more elaborate, with columns and other elegant decorations; The main purpose is to be solid and resistant. If you have carpentry skills, you can make this handrail yourself.

Instructions build outdoor stair railing

Remove the screws from the first step on the bottom. Use a lever to remove the wood. Install the first post from the bottom of the railing into the frame of the step and make sure it is aligned with the top post. Use a level to put it vertically and at right angles to the steps. Secure it inside the steps with angle brackets and screws.

If it is a long ladder you will need to put one or more posts of this type. This not only gives additional support, but also shows the design and frequency of posts around the terrace or landing. To install more of these follows the process of the first step of the bottom. Hold the top bar for the wooden outdoor stair railing at an angle parallel to the bottom slope. The best would be if someone will help you hold it while you measure. Use a pencil to mark the cuts on both ends of the wood.