How To Build An Outdoor Trellis

Top Outdoor Trellis

Outdoor trellis – Build an outdoor trellis that enhances your garden’s visual appeal while supporting climbing vines. This garden vertical structure encourages plants to climb upward, freeing up land space to grow other vegetation of interest. Shape, size, material and design in a trellis depend on the taste of the gardeners and the available space. Wood and bamboo are common trellis-building material because of its rustic charm and ability to blend with its surroundings. Use bamboo to support lightweight beans and wood for heavier flowering or fruit vines.

How to build an outdoor trellis, design bamboo trellis on paper to determine the shape, size and height; figure out how many sticks or poles that you want to place horizontally and vertically, and the distance between each. Cut each bamboo canes to the desired length using a handsaw. Make a sharp straight cut just above the node. See the details on the design for accurate measurements.

Add horizontal and vertical sticks on the ground in the desired design. Mark the spots where the canes cut with a marker or masking tape so go with will be easy. Wind leashing cord properly over the marks on the tubes to bind them together. Go to an outdoor trellis fence. Run garden wire through the top corners and the middle of the trellis to the fence behind.