How To Choose An Outdoor Playpen

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How To Choose An Outdoor Playpen – Playpens are no longer just for playing. They can be used for sleeping, diapering and holding a baby is in a safe place. Playpens are also portable, so they can easily be taken with you and set up in minutes. Knowing what to look for when buying a playpen help you get the best value for money.

If you plan to take your outdoor playpen with you often, it is important that it is easy to set up and collapse. Consider a playpen with a changing station, which makes it easier for you to diaper your baby on the go. You can also use the changing station when at home so you do not take your child to kindergarten her every time she needs a change. Consumer Reports advises against a playpen with a changing station that turns off the pen. According Consumer Reports padding should not more than 1 inch thick? It should be firm – not soft or squishy. It should fit securely into the playpen so it does not move. Avoid playpens where the mattress attaches to the bottom only with fabric fasteners – your child could reach.

Check the packaging of the outdoor playpen for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association seal of approval. JPMA certifies brands to ensure that they meet safety guidelines. Look for design flaws that can result in safety hazards. Avoid buying a used playpen. According to Consumer Reports, older playpens top-rail hinge may collapse. If you are considering a used playpen, check with consumer product safety mission to ensure that it is not revoked. Check the weight of the playpen. If you take the playpen with you often, it is best to find a device that is easy.