How To Clean Outdoor Window Shutters

Charming Outdoor Window Shutters

Outdoor window shutters – Window shutters on the outside of your home can have a few different purposes. The first objective would be to protect your windows during a storm by closing them over your windows. The second purpose, which most window shutters serve is to make your house look better. However, they can serve this purpose if they are covered in dirt and debris. Cleaning window shutters is a relatively easy process that does not require you to remove them, and you can use the same cleaning methods for all types of shutters, including wood, vinyl and plastic.

Use a wet cloth to remove any cobwebs or obvious loose pieces of debris from outdoor window shutters. Fill a garden sprayer with four parts water and one part bleach combination. Spray down the window shutters with bleach cleaning solution and garden sprayer to remove mold or mildew and disinfect the shutters. Add hot water and a few drops of mild detergent to a bucket.

Scrub the window shutters thoroughly with a coarse sponge and cleaning solution you have made. This will remove the rest of the surface dirt. The roughened sponge can be used for large areas, and a small brush, like an old tool brush, can be used to get into the cracks. Rinse outdoor window shutters using your garden hose and let them dry naturally.