How To Fix An Outdoor Oscillating Fan

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Outdoor oscillating fan are now also available with remote controls that make them even more comfortable. There are those moments when they do not move as fast as they should or make strange noises when turning. Here are some suggestions on how to fix an outdoor oscillating fan.


Unplug the fan before any repairs are made. If the head of the fan is not moving or making noise when it moves, it may have loose gear or worn gears on the coupling wheel. If you choose not to replace the gear or clutch knobs, the only option is to keep your head still. Remove the grille of the fan. Then remove all nuts, pins or clips to remove the blade assembly from the engine. Remove the blade assembly.

Check the motor housing, the axle, leaf and roast see if they need cleaning. Use a brush, cloth or even attachments to your vacuum cleaner to remove any debris. Pull motor housing. Check the set screw for any wear or damage. Tightening the set screws if it seems loose. The set screw balance sheets. If the screw is loose, the blades are not moving correctly.

Check the motor housing and the gear unit. If they feel loose, tighten them. Mount the fan after tightening the motor housing and the gear unit. Grease the shaft of the fan of either household lubricating oil or turbine oil. If you repair the outdoor oscillating fan and still have problems, it may only solution may be to replace the gears and the motor housing.