Ideal Patio Table Umbrella

Deck Patio Table Umbrella

Patio table umbrella – they are getting bigger and allow shade in increasingly larger spaces. Look, if not at huge umbrellas available on terraces of many bars and cafes.   Ideally, as far as possible, cover table and also   left over 60 cm per side. Or what it is same, if table has 1.2 meters, then most suitable sunshade must be 2.4 meters in diameter (or standard measurement closest to this size). Diameter of mast can also give an idea of their strength: are recommended models with a mast around   38-48 mm in diameter, although there are also 18 mm to 60 mm.

Patio table umbrella are those that are introduced through a hole in surface, so that table itself held in position. They are most economical model, so when you have to change not “hurt” both pocket … can also be drawn from this location, and stand on one foot independently to give other uses besides shading garden table. But they have some drawbacks: they are always there in middle and there is no possibility to tilt them.

Eccentric patio table umbrella, however, are ideal for shading without interrupting a conversation at table or bother to pass dishes, etc. To this end mast is situated on a side, another bar supports taking hood from above. You are umbrellas do come with a built -in keeps them fixed on ground and prevents them from falling out or fly away if it is windy foot. If umbrella is 3 meters or more in diameter, then it is important to   choose one with rather large feet and with enough weight.