Ideas For Build Outdoor Wok Burner

Top Outdoor Wok Burner

Outdoor wok burner – Makes a great Chinese food at home can be a challenge. Most homes do not have a high heat wok burner that is a must to achieve traditional Chinese flavors. Wok burners are special burners designed for gas or propane. This high heat makes the food to cook quickly and keep the wok hot no matter what ingredients are added. It is possible to build your own wok burner for outdoor use with a barbecue.

Build outdoor wok burner, install the burner stand. Select a rack that is similar in design to those used on the turkey or shrimp deep-frying cooking burners. It will contain three or four legs and not be prone to rollover. Install the ring burner at the center of the stand. The ring burner will generate an extreme amount of heat during operation. Direct burner head towards the top of the stand and placing it about 2 inches below the top surface.

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Secure the wok ring to the top of the foot. The ring has two purposes. It redirects some of the intense heat away from the hand of the cook in operation, directing most of the heat in the bottom of the appliance. The wok ring provides a well supported surface of the wok.  Attach propane bottle to the burner through a propane regulator. Most models will require a high-pressure regulator. Place the outdoor wok burner away from combustible materials. The extreme heat which the burner generates can ignite flammable materials during operation.