Ideas For Install Outdoor Slate Tile

Popular Outdoor Slate Tile

Outdoor slate tile – Slate tiles are an elegant look for a porch floor or patio, but it’s a good idea to take a few precautions before you install it outdoors. Outdoor temperature variations cause movement in both the slate and wood or concrete, that under it. That movement can loosen or crack the plates. An outer tiling membrane laid on top of the surface, the shale, provides a buffer that will prevent cracking.

How to install outdoor slate tile, clean and dry the floor. Use your mortar trowel to add a layer of tile mortar along one edge of the surface, covering enough area to put down a strip of exterior tile membrane. Press membrane into the mortar, cut it in the end to fit. Use a chalk line to snap two intersecting lines over the surface of the membrane, so lines create four squares that meet in the middle. Spread the mortar over a few square meters in the middle of the floor, which covers the intersection of the two lines. You will be able to see the lines through the mortar.

Press your outdoor slate tile in the mortar, beginning at the intersection and build your way out to the edges. Cut tiles on the edges of the area, if necessary, on the tile saw. Allow the plates that night. Pull out the spacers. The grout tiles with a grout float, pressing it into the spaces and with a damp sponge to wipe up any excess grout. Let the grout set for two or three days before you go on it.