Ideas For Paint Green Kitchen Cabinets

Nice Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets – Green is a calming color that evokes feelings of peace. For this reason, often it used in hospital environments. To avoid creating an institutional effect, consider the darker green or green tones with yellow or red for their kitchen cabinets reflexes and stay away from the green pale, blue-tinted.

Paint green kitchen cabinets. Spread a cloth on all surfaces to be protected, including counter tops and floors. Remove the hardware cabinets with a screwdriver. Save the screws and hinges in a safe place. Cover a flat work space with newspaper. Remove drawers and cabinet doors and place them on the work surface. Wash the cabinet surfaces with mild soap and water and let dry. Keep any new hardware front drawers and doors to make sure the holes are aligned with the new parts. Fill the holes left by the drawer pulls and drawer handles cabinet doors with caulking existing holes cannot be reused.

Sand all wood surfaces with a palm sander with food. Open tinted primer and stir until the color is smooth and consistent. Apply the primer on wooden surface with a brush in the crevices and corners.  Pour green paint into a paint tray clean. Paint cracks and corners of cabinets with green paint using a new, clean brush. Apply a second coat of paint to cabinets using brush and roller. Let dry. Apply a third coat if necessary to cover all the cabinets. Load a clean brush with varnish and apply it to the wooden surfaces painted green to protect the finish. Fully cover all surfaces painted with varnish. Let dry 48 hours before reinstalling hardware green kitchen cabinets, drawers and doors.