Ideas For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Best Ideas For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Paint your cabinets at a very cheap and quick makeover. First, decide whether you want the look of your kitchen to be lighter or darker than before. You can paint one color doors and cabinets a contrasting color for a completely different look in your kitchen. Remove the doors from the cabinets before doing any painting. You should clean the cabinets well with ammonia or acetone type cleaner to remove all traces of fat or else your paint will not adhere. For the best results, whether you decide to paint, use an oil-based primer and then an oil-based paint. You can also purchase different types of paint, which creates an even more unusual appearance, such as cracking or glaze.

Choose to strip, sand and ideas for painting kitchen cabinets.This is a good option, especially if your cabinet doors are real wood, you do not want to cover up. Remove the doors from the cabinets. Take the doors outside to work on them, but you will have to work within the cabinets. Be sure to do this in the weather, when you can open the windows and work in a well ventilated area. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for your particular stripper to remove previously stain from the tree.

Sand well and make sure all the surfaces are smooth. Wipe all wood down before applying the new stain to remove any deficiencies. Sand and provide another jacket of the spot, if desired. It is best if you also use polyurethane for the ideas for painting kitchen cabinets. Polyurethane makes it easy to wipe clean, if there is anything that gets in the cupboards. Allow the polyurethane to dry completely and sand lightly between each layer.