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Indoor vegetable garden – The choice of substrate is vital. The best are those light that allow easy handling and do not add weight (this is very important if the garden will arm themselves on a terrace or a balcony). You must have a suitable porosity to allow good ventilation (which promotes root respiration) and water retention (to create a reserve on the substrate). Whenever just one growing season plants and removed, it is desirable to remove the substrate to prevent caking and improve the porosity.

Indoor vegetable garden, it is important to assess the availability of light at different times of the year and see what kind of culture can be performed. The sows can make a hotbed to protect the plant in its first stage of development or in its final location, as in the case of vegetables that do not support well the transplant. Seedling planting protects the plant and allows better use of the space of the garden, making the selection of plants grown in the nursery and taking them to the final container when they are already to some extent developed.

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Indoor vegetable garden, parsley is reproduced with seeds planted with a spacing of 15 cm. Germination is done in about one month. It is important to avoid the midday sun. It is harvested until late summer cutting small bunches. What goes around collecting is beneficial for the plant, which quickly renewed.