Innovative Container Vegetable Garden

Container Vegetable Garden Backyard

Container vegetable garden – Vegetable gardening can be a good way to get fresh vegetables when you need them with convenience of having them just a few steps away. If you do not have room for a full landscape garden, chances are you thought you were out of luck. But with container vegetable gardening, can vegetables be as nearby as your porch or patio.

Spinach is an annual that grows in two varieties: smooth seeds spinach or prickly seed spinach. Either way, its leaves that are edible in a spinach plant and are what plant is grown for. To grow spinach, plant it in full sun or light shade in well-drained soil and lots of nitrogen fertilizer. It is propagated by seeds. To grow in container vegetable garden, suggests NC State University are trying Dark Green Bloomsdale black in a 5-gallon window box.

Tomato is an easy to grow container vegetable garden, which will often need staking to keep upright. size, color and acidity of tomatoes vary with variety. They grow on stalks with leaves that can irritate some sensitive skin. Tomatoes should grow in full sun with regular watering. To start container gardening with is Tiny Tim, Small Fry, Toy Boy, Burpees Pixie or Early Girl varieties. Plant them in a bushel basket or a 5-gallon pot for best results.