Install A Metal Garden Fencing Post

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Metal garden fencing – metal garden fencing posts are often used with mesh wire including chain link, chicken wire and livestock wire. Typically between 2 and 4 inches in diameter, the metal fence posts provide a strong anchor point for fencing in applications around the home, farm or commercial property. Installation of a metal fence post requires that position certainly be placed in the ground so that it is able to withstand forces such as wind and animals.

To install a metal garden fencing post, Dig a hole with a post-hole diggers in the desired location for the installation of metal fence post. Dig the hole at least 30 inches deep and 10 to 12 inches across. Position 6 inches of the gravel at the bottom of the hole and packing down firmly with the end of a 2-by-4 or metal string end. Place the metal post in the middle of the hole, so it is resting on gravel. Shovel in 6 inches of gravel around the post.

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To install a metal garden fencing post, Level position with a torpedo level and gravel pack down tightly around the post. Check the level of the post again before proceeding. Continue to add 6 inches of gravel at a time and pack down until the hole is filled just below the surface. Back-filling the earth around the metal rod with the dirt that was removed from the hole and level.