Installing Outdoor Misting System

Garden Outdoor Misting System

Outdoor misting system – To install a low-pressure outdoor misting system for a patio, follow these steps. Cut the PVC pipe in lengths of 24 inches. Using a PVC pipe cutter to cut the pipe, because this is easier and will not leave debris in the tube. Cover the tube and nozzle with PVC primer. The nozzle is a PVC joint with a spray nozzle head. Coat about ½-inch of the outside of the pipe end and the inner sides of both ends of the nozzle with the primer.

Outdoor misting system, glue nozzles on the pipe. Use PVC glue to coat the end of the PVC pipe. For the misting nozzle of the tube. Give a quarter turn to lock in place. Continue priming and gluing of second nozzles and tubes for the straight run of the misting system. The nozzles have to line up straight with each other when they are glued to the tube, because they can not be adjusted when the glue has dried.

Installing outdoor misting system, add pipe on the floor of the patio that every straight driving is completed. Remove all the spray nozzle heads to permit the system to be flushed. Secure the pipe clamps to the pipe straight run. Stay straight run of PVC pipe up to the rooftop patio. Hammer pipe clamps loosely on the roof of the patio. Use three to four cutting along the straight run to start. Be sure that the output terminal is an inch higher than the end clamp.