Kitchen Island Granite Top In Stunning Colors

Black Kitchen Island Granite Top

Kitchen island granite top – If you are remodeling your kitchen or build space and ground up to include granite, there are several ways to include two granite colors in space. Match warm, dark neutrals together or choose a color from unconventional granite for a specific island or kitchen counter helps add character to space kitchen and complement rest of color palette of room.

Nuances on warm side of color wheel as orange and red stunning kitchen island granite top as well. You oxide orange swirled with white granite and slate gray are a nice addition to a painted in a neutral color like light brown cocoa or cuisine. Including leaves of red granite counter between decks orange colors makes both protagonists without seeming excessive. Cool colors like blue and green granite countertops give a colorful but sophisticated look to kitchen. Blue-gray granite counters with hints of black color are an aesthetic complement to a charcoal gray kitchen. A kitchen island covered with green swirls features granite gray, brown and gold with neutral main kitchen and add more texture to space.

Warm and cool tones look good together, as red and green or orange and blue, make attractive and granite counters. For a galley style kitchen cabinets adorn one side in Bordeaux red granite with swirls of dark brown and bronze; Install kitchen island granite top in green with black and ivory edging on other side. Or illuminate space orange kitchen with granite details in yellow gold and copper reserve blue granite with swirls and chocolate brown stains tin countertop island.