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Ceramic tile kitchen countertop – one of the latest trends when it comes to the use of ceramic tiles in the home is building mosaics. A mosaic is a pattern, image or other image that is created by the organization, different parts or segments of small colors. In this case, the pieces are the ceramic tiles. While you can order tiles pre-painted ceramic, which then can be arranged to form a mosaic on your desk, another option is to paint the tiles yourself. Some common mosaic designs include floral patterns and repeating patterns of geometric shapes.

While choosing a color and style of ceramic tile kitchen countertop is important, choosing the right grout can also have a major impact on the overall design of your counter space. Grout or mortar paste is filled in the spaces between the tiles and keeps them together. The substance comes in a variety of colors, usually more earth tones such as grays, browns and off-whites. Be sure to choose a color that complements your design. For example, if you are using ceramic tile kitchen countertop dark and you want the aerodynamic surface opposite to appear; choose a dark grout to match. Alternatively, use a light colored grout to set dark tiles separated from each other.