Make An Outdoor Tabletop Fountain

Amazing Outdoor Tabletop Fountain

Outdoor tabletop fountain – Adding a soothing quality to the patio area with a fountain yourself. Making your own tabletop water fountains can explore your creativity with inexpensive materials. Include plants, decorative vines or glass flowers in your fountain designed to fit in your conservatory. Decorate reservoir fountain with mosaic tiles, acrylic paint or river rocks to customize each fountain.

Seal the inside and outside a 10-inch or larger terracotta pot with terra cotta sealer. Allow the strip to dry. Using a different size planters if you want to make a larger or smaller outdoor tabletop fountain. Trim a small plastic coffee can lid to cover the inside bottom of the planter. If you do not have a plastic coffee can lid, metal flashing, a rubber blanket or thick pond liner works well.

Cut a slit from the outer edge to the center of the plastic lid to hold out a small submersible outdoor tabletop fountain pump. Take the cover of the cord near the base of the pump. Spread the silicone on the inside bottom of the planter. Fit the end of the cord through the drain hole and push the plastic of the silicone. Slide the cord through the drain hole until the pump sits flush in the middle of the plastic. Seal wear plastic around the cable, and seal the perimeter of the plastic cover inside the planter with silicone. Wait 24 hours.