Make Small Vegetable Garden Design Look Bigger

Good Small Vegetable Garden Design

Small vegetable garden design – Color is a necessity. Using a variety of colors can be a simple way to make a small vegetable garden look bigger. A general rule of thumb to use is that usually bright fresh colors like red and orange usually appear closer.

By placing plants that have these colors and their shades strategically, you can create an “artificial” depth to your garden that really was not there before. Use perspective. Perspective can help to create an illusion of small vegetable garden design that you may wish to utilize. For examples, take a look at the Japanese-style gardens. These gardens are usually very small, but when you first look at them they appear absolutely enormous.

The reason for this is perspective, which you can use in your small vegetable garden design. One way you can do this is to place larger objects closer to you, while placing little things further away. Another is to create a “layered” look to your garden, where you only see small parts of it right away instead of the whole. Had to actually move the garden to see the different areas can help create the illusion of a larger garden.

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