Metal Raised Garden Beds For Gardener

Corrugated Metal Raised Garden Beds

Metal raised garden beds in areas where the soil is not suitable or space is limited. Since the lines are not required for cultivation, the plants can be spaced closer together produce more crops in a smaller space. Many gardeners prefer simpler care raised beds, as they can be designed to meet the need of the gardener.

Consider the primary gardener in determining the size and height of metal raised garden beds. Those with physical limitations benefit beds up to seat level allow the individual to the garden from a wheelchair or from comfortable seating. Those who prefer to work in the garden from a standing position, but faces challenges with bending or stooping, taking advantage of beds up to waist level or slightly higher. The average gardener may prefer a bed on the ground level, as it most closely resembles a natural.

The type of plants to be grown influences the size and depth of metal raised garden beds. Large plants require adequate space for root development and support for the growing plants. They may require a depth of one foot or more. Minor crops like lettuce and green garden require no more than 6 inches in the depth of the root system.