New Vegetable Garden Design

Wonderful Vegetable Garden Design

Vegetable garden design – Vegetable garden design with roundabout. For example. Be the construction of a ’roundabout’. In the middle of the square area, a vegetable garden usually consists of, make a circus with paths out to every corner and connection between at least two of these corners. It is good if they lead to something, for example. Greenhouse and compost container, which in this example. It may also be of a garden bench, a plant board, water tap, the door of the shed or another.

The round part must be made large enough that you can easily get around by example. A wheelbarrow, and in the middle it is okay to be something significant. Vegetable garden design in pattern. Another possibility is to divide the vegetable garden in a – not too complicated – symmetrical pattern. The pattern drawn by the paths through the area, and provides beds of different forms.

The vegetable garden design paths were originally made as pastures. It made that the pattern was emerging as beautiful fresh green tape – especially in winter when the kitchen garden otherwise lay bar. But time was too much work to keep the grass edges, and the grass was replaced by a thick layer of wood chips. The tile is held in place on the paths of long poles that form the edge of the flower beds.