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Gravel patio ideas – Patio floors are mostly paved either with cobblestones or with cast concrete, but they are not the only flooring options for patios. According landscape contractor Roger Cook, quoted in “This Old House” magazine, crushed stone flooring is one of the easiest ways to create more outdoor living space. A gravel patio ideas is easy to build, easy to maintain and offers a wide variety of decorating and design options.

If you try to fit a patio into an oddly shaped room, gravel is your best option for a base. Unlike brick, paving stones and wood, the grit in accordance with hardly any use without the hassle of cutting tiles or bricks to fit curves and angles. A gravel patio ideas canned curve along the boundary of a sweeping driveway or fit along the edges of a flower or vegetable garden. It is easy to build a gravel courtyard surrounding a pool or pond, or have built-in inserts of shelf herbs or flower beds.

Gravel has a reputation for being unstable and difficult to walk on, but a properly built gravel patio ideas terrace is as stable underfoot as cement. In the book “How to build tours, Walls and Patio Floors,” Steve Cory touches briefly on choosing the right materials to solve patio floors.

He advocates using a fine grained gravel and crushed granite for high traffic areas, and packing of stone with a drum roll after it is laid. Alternatively, put a packed gravel base under the loose stones to give a solid foothold within an inch or two of pea gravel or boulders. For stability, choose furniture with thick flat feet or bases which are less likely to tip or be shaky.