Nice Small Patio Umbrella

Stylish Small Patio Umbrella

Small patio umbrella – Many small patio umbrella are simply ugly, frankly, and do not go with the rest of your patio decor. Whether it’s a brand new natural canvas umbrella or a hand-me-down nylon model with an unattractive color theme, it is cunning determined for each. Dyeing a cloth small patio umbrella, remove the fabric from the umbrella frame. Wash in the washing machine on a hot cycle to remove all dirt and stains. Remove and set aside.

To dyeing a cloth small patio umbrella, fill the washing machine to medium load with hot water. Add salt and paint per paint manufacturer prescription, and shake or stir until dissolved. Place your umbrella fabric in the machine, and mix for 20 minutes without letting cycle drains or add more water. Do this by switching the machine on and off, or leave the machine and hand stirring with a utensil such as a large wooden spoon.

In a small bowl mix the soda with hot water. Add this mixture to the water at 5 minute intervals while stirring or shaking. Shake for 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the desired depth of color. Set the machine to complete rinse. Run a full wash with a mild detergent to remove excess paint. Remove your small patio umbrella fabric from the machine and lay it flat to air dry.