Organic Winter Vegetable Garden

Good Winter Vegetable Garden

Winter vegetable garden – During the winter it can be difficult to cultivate our organic garden due to weather conditions. However, there are plants that grow well during this time, just enough to know some important facts, such as those detailed in this article. Each of the vegetables we can grow in our organic garden has its time of development. This is because each plant has different requirements for temperature, humidity and cold tolerance or heat. Therefore, the species that survive frost and do not require very high temperatures to develop will be more suitable for organic cultivation of winter.

Some plants that have suitable characteristics for cultivation in winter vegetable garden are spinach, beans, cabbage, onions, peas (peas), garlic, cabbages and leeks. There are also many types of vegetables that can be cultivated throughout the year, such as lettuce, chard, celery, carrots, beets and parsley.

During the winter vegetable garden your organic garden does not need to be watered as often , but when we do ought to be around noon, so do not dip the plants in the hours of colder, preventing it from being affected by frost. If you live in areas where frost is too intense, or temperatures are very low throughout the year, a good alternative may be growing inside a greenhouse, which can be homemade.