Outdoor Canopy Tent Installation

Outdoor Canopy Tent Sets

Outdoor canopy tent – Canopy tent can be used for a variety of things such as shielding an outdoor party from rain or sun, and to provide a protected outdoor work-space. The assembly of the canopy tent is fairly simple, but can be awkward at times, and a person could be struggling to lift the canopy tent in place on their own.

Compare the bits you was given to the sheet from the manufacturer. You do this to make sure you have all the pieces that are needed before you begin. You do not want to be halfway through and realize that you are missing an important piece to complete the outdoor canopy tent.

Once you have the pipes appropriately, connect them so that the top is raised on the ground. Add the roof tarp over the assembled roof frame and bungee down using bungee cords provided by manufacturers. Tarp should also have loops that would line up with the pipes so the bungee can take tarp. These bungees will often have a ball and loop. Place the loop end through the loop on the tarpaulin. Linda bungee around the pipe and place the loop around the ball. Raise the outdoor canopy tent. Raise the tent by inserting the legs moving on a side.